configuring and establishing a windows VPN (virtual private network)

This is an internet pathway used to extend public network resources of a company through a secure network pipe  to connect to a remote network. A virtual private network (VPN)  utilizes a public telecommunication  infrastructure, like the  Internet, to offer remote offices or  individual users with secure use of their  organization‘s network connecting with the expensive system of owned or leased lines  that could only be used by one organization. The aim of a VPN is to provide the  organization the same capabilities, in a reduced cost.

A VPN works using the shared public infrastructure  while keeping privacy through security  procedures and tunneling protocols including  the Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP). A different security involves masking not merely data, but also the remote and static network addresses.

a. Establishing a VPN in windows would need to go to my network places right click on the network icon. >Then go to properties. >On the right column click on properties and create a “new a network connection”

b. Click next> from the box click “advanced connection”> then incoming connection> on the next screen uncheck direct parallel LPT1 in the box.. > then click next.

c. To allow virtual who uses the private connections specify the group and click next.. Select all users that are to access VPN.

d. For security reasons deny any admin account rights access unless there are legitimate reasons to give remote administrative rights….

e. After clicking next choose which protocols to use. You can leave them as default and then click finish.