Fixing optimal resolution with source kernel 3.8.2 and intel 3600/3650–Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal)

The high resolution problem looks to have been fixed once and for all by developers with the introduction quantal quetzal 12.10 and cedartrail-drm driver in DKMS format (proprietary cedarview driver for GMA3600/3650) enabled source kernels.

installing the latest intel Atom VGA drivers with a GMA3600/3650 graphics chipset using kernel sources 3.8.2 would need the following steps; NB in the kernel source version 3.7.9  GMA 3600/3500 is enabled by default; The sample .config file can confirm if they are enabled

  • $ cat .config | grep -i gma


Getting the kernel source

sources for the latest Linux kernel are available The Linux Kernel Archives get them and install them in the folder /usr/src creating

  • $ tar xjvf linux-3.8.2.tar.bz2

  • $ cd linux-3.8.2

  • $ make menuconfig
  • $ make
  • $ sudo su
  • $ make modules_install
  • $ make install
  • $ reboot