Installing App inventor – Debian Based – Ubuntu

This brief tutorial is a short description of how to install App Inventor to run in a machine for the Android platform.

The requirements are as follows for different OS:


  • Mac (with Intel processor): Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6
  • GNU/Linux: Ubuntu 8+, Debian 5+


The machine to run APP inventor must have java installed  installed; For Linux systems (i.e. those non-debian systems SUN Java rather than the OpenJDK).

Installing APP inventor

if you do not have a phone you can use the emulator instead.
  1. Select menu from the phone’s home screen, and then select development from the applicatiuon menu.
  2.  You should ensure the Unknown Sources box, is checked.
  3. Ensure  USB Debugging and Stay Awake are both checked.

Make sure your phone is not on a lock screen that is, ready to make call or run an app. Connect the cable from the phone to the computer’s USB port. You should see two new notifications appear on the phone, with icons in the status bar:

  • A “USB connected” notification that the phone is connected to the computer via USB
  • A “USB debugging connected” notification that the phone has USB debugging turned on

If you don’t see both these notifications, then check to make sure that the phone settings are correct and that the USB cable is plugged in correctly. You should see the two icons appear and disappear as you connect and disconnect the phone.

  1. Download the App setup from the . This is a file named appinventor-setup_1.1_all.deb (about 86 Megabytes). It is a Debian package installer file. The place it will end up on your computer depends on how your browser is configured. Typically, it will go into your Downloads folder.
  2. If your system can install packages simply by clicking on the package file, then do that.
  3. If your system doesn’t support clickable package installers, then navigate to the directory where the file is located and run the command sudo dpkg –install appinventor-setup_1.1_all.deb With either method, you might need to ensure that the deb file and also the directory it’s in are world readable and world executable, because on some systems, sudo does not have default privileges to read and execute all files.
  4. The software will be installed under /usr/google/appinventor-setup.
  5. You’ll also need to configure your system to detect your device. Follow the instructions under the step “set up your system to detect your device” in the bullet under “If you’re developing on Ubuntu Linux”.

Linux GNU

  1. Download  a file named appinventor-setup_1.1.tar.gz (about 86 Megabytes). It is a Gzip compressed tar file.
  2. Install the files using a method appropriate to your operating system. It should be installed under /usr/google/appinventor-setup.