installing eclipse IDE and integrating MATSim project

Eclipse 4.2 release is a platform for building rich client applications and provides world-class Lua development tools for M2M application development.

Multi-Agent transport Simulation (MATSim)

MATsim is a free science and engineering toolkit developed my matsimorg to implement large scale transport simulations. It provides two types of models that can possibly be operationalized; the activity based and the dynamic modeling framework.

For eclipse to run, the system should either have Java SDK edition or java runtime Environment (JRE) as a prerequisite both which  run on all operating systems; then download the eclipse edition 4.2 Juno from If any of the java options (JRE JDK) are not installed get the new version of java from oracle visit the site

install the eclipse IDE for the 32 bit OS from the site: before you begin downloading, create a folder in the /opt folder in your file-system space and change directory to newly created one

        $ mkdir /opt/cache

         $ cd /opt/cache

open the terminal retrieve it to your system.

$ wget

then extract the contents within that folder

$ tar xzf eclipse-jee-juno-SR2-linux-gtk.tar.gz

Create a symbolic link

  $ cd /usr/local/bin

        $ sudo ln -s /opt/cache/eclipse/eclipse

make eclipse executable and launch it;

$ chmod a+x /opt/cache/eclipse/eclipse

        $ /opt/cache/eclipse/eclipse -clean &

once you have installed eclipse it is easy to integrate the MATSim project in four easy steps. The MATsim projects includes the API and Core implementation which provides all the basic functionality required to install the project

  • in the first step Create a new project in Eclipse under the menu File > New > Project…). then Choose “SVN > Checkout Projects from SVN” and click “Next”.
  • Select the repository location “”. If it does not yet exist, create it.
  • Select the folder “matsim/trunk” and click “next”.
  • Select “Check out as a project in the workspace” and give it the name “MATSim”

The status of the checkout can be observed in the Progress-View of Eclipse.

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