Installing and setting up italc for ubuntu

Add these lines to the /etc/apt/sources.list file and then first update server side usual way.

deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main

Download the latest Italc source code from the website
before installing Italc for first time use make sure these packages are installed:


– libqt4-dev and qt4-dev-tools (Debian-based distributions) or qt4-devel
  (Fedora etc.)
– xorg-dev or similiar
– libxtst-dev
– libjpeg62-dev/libjpeg-devel
– zlib1g-dev/zlib-devel
– libssl-dev/openssl-devel

/G++ must not be missing…
After downloading extract the rarball and change into the extracted directory and then start building italc with these commands:

mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..

if you get a PAM error install the following

sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool libusb-dev libpam0g-dev intltool libssl-dev pkg-config libnotify-dev openssl

then finish the compilation by typing
make install

NOTE! Make sure you’re issuing the “make install” as root! This will install iTALC
directly on the computer.

To make sure Italc is running type in the terminal the following telnet command:

telnet 192.168.1.x 11100

you should see something like

You should see something like “RFB 003.008”

Setup iTALC authentication

security is achieved by data signing and -verification using a public and
a private key. Thus you have to create a key pair which will save into the /etc/italc/keys directory

imc -role teacher -createkeypair

Thats all but ensure that the firewall allows tcp traffic from Italc


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